I've been struggling lately to find house tours that feel approachable, inspiring, and - most importantly - lived in. While there are so many desiger portfolios out there with beautiful homes and rooms, they are so perfectly styled it all feels a bit contrived. Not so with this house designed by Louise Walsh!

This earthy modern bungalow proves that rich tones can totally be used in an all-white interior, delivers a serious lesson in layering, and shows that you can do both without going boho.

The first surprise in store for visitors to the home are dark charcoal walls in the hallway - not the bright and airy entrance you were expecting, right? But I love the drama. It also feels more cooling to have dark walls in warm climates, so this probably feels quite lovely to walk into in the summer!

The darker tones carry into the rest of the home but don't feel too heavy for the all-white space at all. After seeing so much Scandinavian design lately, this is a good reminder that rooms don't have to all be doused in oak to feel light and bright! I love the double layered rugs in here, and that coffee table!

The kitchen and dining room might be my favorite spaces in the bungalow. The archway that could definitely feel outdated actually creates a little charm here, in my opinion! It has a front porch feel that helps bring that casual outdoor feeling in to balance the modern kitchen.

In fact, the kitchen is surprisingly sleek for such an otherwise warm home, but I like it! I'm not one to encourage mirrors near a stovetop (sounds like a recipe for constant cleaning to me) but they do open the room up quite a bit and help reflect even more light into the space.

In the bedrooms, we're back to layers of lovely linens, still in that moody range...

I was just talking about how I'm starting to get into these Japanese chests a bit more, and then came across this! A nice alternative to a lot of what's out there right now, whether antique or new. The scale is just right for this bed, too.


I love this shot because of how completely imperfect it is - the slouchy headboard and mussed bed makes it feel like someone just got out of bed. With a peek of a walk-in closet behind, I would have to guess that this might be the master? It's hard to tell just from photos.

The kids' space is so perfect - I love all that storage!!

You can see how the cabinetry in the kitchen seems to extend into the bedroom here, and the ceilings look the same, which makes me think that these spaces are actually connected right into each other. That perfect green lounger acts as a nice buffer between sleeping and dining area if so!

Don't you just love that rich jewel tone? In fact, all the rich colors in this home are fantastic in how they're used fairly sparingly. It's really the materials used throughout that make the space. From light linens to rich rugs and all that woven texture, the combination feels beachy but classic at the same time.

Here are the key pieces to getting this look!

1. fabric pendant lights | 2. milking table coffee table | 3. linen pillow | 4. black & white stripe pillow | 5. jute baskets | 6. japanese style chest | 7. cream rug | 8. vintage mid-century modern chair

Looking through the home, you'll see that lighting plays an instrumental part in setting the tone. All the pendants are light and airy, and my favorite are the ones in the kitchen! Linen is the second material that's a must here - it lends such a nice casual feel. I also love the inclusion of bamboo style furniture but in darker wood and black (like the stools in the kitchen) for more drama. Finally, balancing out that earthy style with some mid-century and scandinavian style furnishings help to keep things feeling eclectic.